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Connect for a safer community by receiving information direct from your local Police and Council through regular newsletters and broadcasts. This information will give you a clear picture of what is happening in your neighbourhood. It will let you know of any crime trends in your area and provide safety advice to share with your family, friends and neighbours. Let’s make it tougher for crooks by looking out for our community.

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ewatch is an email based system that keeps you connected to your local police and council so that you can help to track down crime and be proactive in making your community safer. Join ewatch to receive regular email updates on local crime trends and statistics, safety initiatives, emerging issues and community building events.

Working together as a community helps to make your neighbourhood safe, secure and vibrant for all who share it. Community interaction is a shared responsibility that has proven positive effects on building a safer community, preventing crime and developing community spirit.

ewatch is a free service provided through WA Police and Neighbourhood Watch and proudly supported by WALGA and Crime Stoppers WA. To join up now, go to the ewatch website


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Joint initiatives

Business Beat

The Shire of Peppermint Grove Business Beat kit is a free resource designed to help businesses protect their property, profits and staff from crime.You can use the kit to train staff, update your skills, write your own security policy and reduce your vulnerability to crime.

The Business Beat kit contains twenty-one fact sheets. To view the kit on line, click the link…

Business Beat is an initiative of the Shire of Peppermint Grove and the WA Police, funded in part by the Office of Crime Prevention. The program supports the Shire’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy and aims to contribute to raising awareness on protecting businesses against theft and other crimes.

For more information about Business Beat contact the Community Development Officer at the Shire on 9286 8600 or email


Business Crime Prevention

Breaking the Criminal Code – crime prevention education folder is an initiative of the Shire of Peppermint Grove, the Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Committee, Office of Crime Prevention and WA Police. The program supports the Shire’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy and aims to contribute to raising awareness on protecting your home and your personal safety.

This reference guide is designed to be practical, easy to use and provides you with all the tools you need to keep you, your family and home, safe and secure. Topics include advice on graffiti prevention, home security, personal security, holiday security, pet ownership and party safe information.

For more information or to receive a copy of “Breaking the Criminal Code” contact the Shire on 9286 8600.

Click here to access the online “Breaking the Criminal Code” brochure.

Together we can all help to reduce preventable crime.


Your Local Police Station


Your local Police

Your local police

Our local police station is Cottesloe Police Station, which is located in Curtin Avenue Cottesloe.Counter enquiries can be made between 8am – 4pm. To speak to a local police officer during

business hours you can ring 9286 7777. If you require police attendance please telephone 131444.