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Neighbourhood Watch presentation

Neighbourhood Watch is a series of programs aimed at making individuals aware of crime prevention initiatives and activities in and around their home and local community.

It is about working together as a community to improve personal safety and household security. Most importantly, it is about encouraging interaction and a sense of responsibility between neighbours and communities.

Neighbourhood Watch is about residents, their local neighbourhood, the wider community and the WA Police working together to establish and maintain a safer community by:

  • reducing violence, crime and fear;
  • building a safer community;
  • preventing crime that affects you;
  • enhancing effective communication; and
  • developing community spirit.

Why is it needed?

A Police Officer on patrol may not know what is normal in your street and may not recognise a stranger in your yard.

You and your neighbours are in a position to observe and report anything of a suspicious nature to Police.

Most neighbours already observe activities in their street, particularly if it is not normal; however, many people do not do anything about suspicious activities because they do not know what to do or if their neighbours would appreciate their involvement.

Where possible we encourage neighbours to join the Peppermint Grove Neighbourhood Watch. The ideal situation is for the houses on each side of you and opposite you to be in Neighbourhood Watch. This means that there are more “eyes in your neighbourhood” looking after your interests.

Please feel free to provide any anecdotes about what has been happening in your neighbourhood or any other information that may be useful to the Co-ordinator by contacting Vanessa O’Brien on 9286 8600 or by email

We value and appreciate your comments!

As a member of Neighbourhood Watch you can borrow or obtain the following resources from the Shire office or by contacting the Community Safety Coordinator on 9286 8600:

  • An electric engraver FREE of charge to mark your valuables
  • Stickers
  • Fridge magnets
  • Information packs

Peppermint Grove Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Committee

The Peppermint Grove Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Committee invites you to join!

Peppermint Grove Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis at the Peppermint Grove Shire Office. We encourage all our Neighbourhood Watch members and interested residents to attend these informative meetings. An Agenda is sent out to all Neighbourhood Watch participants a week before each meeting is held. If you are unable to attend meetings you can ring or email the Shire Office with any concerns or items of interest to be passed on at the meeting.

Neighbourhood Watch Events / News

Neighbourhood Watch WAonline –

Australasia Neighbourhood Watch Website –

Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Meetings

The Shire of Peppermint Grove has celebrated over 20 years of Neighbourhood Watch in our local community.

By joining our safety committee you can help to make our community a safer place to live. Together we can all help to reduce preventable crime.

To register to join or for further details contact the Shire’s Community Development Officer on 9286 8600 or email:

Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan 2010 – 2013

A new four year Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan was endorsed by council on the 17 th May 2010. This is a continuation of the partnership between the Office of Crime Prevention, the Shire of Peppermint Grove, WA Police and various other State Government agencies and the local community. The Plan is the result of a review of the 2006-2008 Plan, outcomes from a youth forum held in November 2009 and issues that were identified at a community workshop held in December 2009.

The results from the review process were then prioritised into four key strategy areas. These four strategies have been developed to address community concerns and reflect statistical crime trends. For the 2010-2013 Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan programs that focus on community empowerment through provision of information/education, reduction in burglary, graffiti/vandalism, alcohol & drug use, road safety and youth engagement will be given priority. Grant funding of $20,000 received in July 2010 was utilised for the above program.

Thanks must be given to the Peppermint Grove Neighbourhood Watch and Community Safety Committee for their hard work and commitment in helping draft this new community safety plan for the benefit of all who live and work in Peppermint Grove. Shire CSCP Plan

Joint initiatives

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Business Beat

The Shire of Peppermint Grove Business Beat kit is a free resource designed to help businesses protect their property, profits and staff from crime.

You can use the kit to train staff, update your skills, write your own security policy and reduce your vulnerability to crime.

The Business Beat kit contains twenty-one fact sheets. To view the kit on line, click the link…

Business Beat is an initiative of the Shire of Peppermint Grove and the WA Police, funded in part by the Office of Crime Prevention. The program supports the Shire’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy and aims to contribute to raising awareness on protecting businesses against theft and other crimes.

For more information about Business Beat contact the Community Development Officer at the Shire on 9286 8600 or email


Business Crime Prevention

Breaking the Criminal Code – crime prevention education folder is an initiative of the Shire of Peppermint Grove, the Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Committee, Office of Crime Prevention and WA Police. The program supports the Shire’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy and aims to contribute to raising awareness on protecting your home and your personal safety.

This reference guide is designed to be practical, easy to use and provides you with all the tools you need to keep you, your family and home, safe and secure. Topics include advice on graffiti prevention, home security, personal security, holiday security, pet ownership and party safe information.

For more information or to receive a copy of “Breaking the Criminal Code” contact the Shire on 9286 8600.

Click here to access the online “Breaking the Criminal Code” brochure.

Together we can all help to reduce preventable crime.

Your Local Police Station


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Your local police

Our local police station is Cottesloe Police Station, which is located in Curtin Avenue Cottesloe.

Counter enquiries can be made between 8am – 4pm. To speak to a local police officer during

business hours you can ring 9286 7777. If you require police attendance please telephone 131444.

Crime Prevention Resource Centre

The local Crime Prevention Resource Centre is located at the Claremont Showgrounds and the Crime Prevention Officer is only too happy to provide up to date information on security systems and fittings as well as further information on Neighbourhood Watch and Community Policing. A free security appraisal of your home or business by a crime prevention officer is also available to Peppermint Grove residents. Contact phone number is 9284 3999.

Neighbourhood Watch is protection of your property and way of life through communication and co-operation between neighbours.

Neighbourhood Watch WAonline

If you do not wish to join the Peppermint Grove Neighbourhood Watch program and would like to subscribe to Neighbourhood Watch WAonline to receive regular short emails from your local police about crime preventin issues affecting our district, visit the Neighbourhood Watch WAonline website.