Solar light installation 300x168 Pilot Solar Light Project at Keanes Point Reserve

Solars lights at Keane's Point Reserve

NHW & CS committee together with Council are committed to reducing the incidence of preventable crime and preserving our way of life. The Pilot Demonstration Street Lighting Project has helped to achieve this goal.

Three solar lights have been erected near the BBQ and playground area at Keane’s Point. This area can now be well used into the evening and young people have been seen to enjoy the basketball facilities, playground area and barbeque. With more people utilising the area, there is less opportunity for crime to occur. These LED lights are energy efficient, 100% solar powered and did not require trenches to be dug for power cables, which minimises costs as well as damage to tree roots, reticulation pipes and turf.

The Peppermint Grove foreshore and toilet block has for some time been a target for vandalism, particularly on weekend as the area surrounding the toilet block has been in darkness. Vandalism in this vicinity has diminished since the erection of the solar lights which now light up the area.

The supply and installation was funded through a WA Police Office of Crime Prevention grant and the Shire wishes to express its gratitude to all involved.