The Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 requires that Local Governments compile a Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places. A Municipal Inventory is a list of buildings which in the opinion of the local Council are, or may become, of cultural heritage significance. The Municipal Inventory through the process of community member contributions, public meetings, public advertising and meeting with community groups has formed the basis of the Heritage list which was adopted by Council on the 18 April 2017  under Local Planning Scheme No.4. The objective of the Heritage List, and the statutory protections this affords under the Scheme, is to maintain the character and atmosphere of Peppermint Grove through the quality of the streetscape.

Management Category Definitions

Category 1 Buildings, which due to their character create the atmosphere of Peppermint Grove, therefore should be retained, but may be altered and extended in a manner which is both discrete and sympathetic to the original fabric and character so that a significant proportion of the original building is retained and from the street the additions are seen to be a continuation of the same fabric and character. Category 2 Buildings which also contribute to the character and atmosphere of Peppermint Grove. These buildings may be altered or extended in a manner which recognises and retains some original features and retains the heritage contribution of the building to the streetscape.  Click here to download a copy of the Heritage List October 2017.

Click below to download the Heritage Place Data Forms.
Bindaring & Bayview Tce
Forrest St
Hobbs Place
Irvine St
Johnston St
Keane St
Leake St
McNeil St
Stirling Hwy
The Esplanade
Venn St
View St