Waste Management

Bulk Rubbish –  2017

Next Bulk Rubbish Collection 11 December 2017

Two-Stream Waste Collection Service

The Shire of Peppermint Grove has a  two-stream waste collection service, utilising two mobile garbage bins (MGBs):

  • A 240 litre MGB with a green lid which is your domestic refuse bin and is collected from every property each Wednesday.
  • A 240 litre MGB with a yellow lid which is your recycling bin. The recycling bin is collected every second Wednesday.
  • From the 6 June 2012 the Shire will be providing a return bin service only.  You will be required to place your bin on the verge, prior to 7am on the day of collection.

For further informationon on Waste Management in the Western Region please visit www.wmrc.wa.gov.au

Generic Waste and Sustainability Publications for information click here


Western Earth Carers

The new Western Earth Carers waste education website:  www.earthcarers.org.au

The website aims to provide a resource for residents in Perth’s western suburbs to find out more about:

  • what happens to their waste;
  • what to recycle;
  • how to deal with hazardous waste;
  • organic composting know-how;
  • local environmental events; and
  • Earth Carers activities.