The Shire conducts a residential clean up program three times per year.

The next date for bulk rubbish collection will be:

11 August 2014 - please refer to Bulk Rubbish Collection Flyer

Please note the following:

  • All goods are to be neatly placed on your front verge no later than 6.00am Monday 11 August 2014  (Please ensure you do not obstruct the footpath or the line of sight for pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles)
  • Any goods placed out on the verge after this time will not be removed and the contractor will not return for late pickups.
  • No goods are to be placed on the verge before Saturday 2 August 2014 please.
  • Greenwaste and household rubbish must be placed in clear separate piles at least 1 metre apart. Please note the maximum amount of greenwaste to be collected from any one property should not exceed 2 cubic metres (approximately one standard 6’ x 4’ trailer load).
  • Tree branches are to be no longer than 1.5 metres in length
  • Lawn clippings, cuttings and leaves must be placed in sealed boxes or bags
  • The Shire and it’s contactors will not collect the following:
  • Ø No gas bottles
  • Ø No vehicle parts, tyres or batteries
  • Ø No paint, flammable liquids, oils or solvents
  • Ø No cement or cement products, bricks, sand, rubble etc
  • Ø No asbestos
  • Ø No food waste
  • Ø No poisons or other hazardous material
  • Ø No Mattresses/Bed bases
  • Ø No Glassware

The Shire thanks you for your co-operation in this matter which is essential to the success of this environmental initiative. The Residential Clean Up is a free service provided by the Shire. Residents are notified in advance by the delivery of a circular advising of the pickup dates. The Bulk Rubbish Collection Service DOES include the removal of:

  • Tree Prunings
  • Old Furniture
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Other White Goods
  • Electronic Wastes (e-waste)

How to dispose of certain household hazardous waste

  • Medicines – return to pharmacy for disposal.
  • LPG Cyclinders – Unserviceable cyclinders ( i.e. those over 10 years old) may be returned to any Kleenheat Gas House Store for degassing and disposal.
  • Paint – Remove lid and allow remaining contents to dry out. When dry, place in rubbish bin or put it out with the JUNK for the verge collection.

Residents’ Requirements

To assist the collection staff, please abide by the following requirements:

  • All goods are to be neatly placed no later than 6.00am on the day of the collection date. Any goods placed out after this time will not be removed and the contractor will not return for late pickups.
  • Please ensure you do not obstruct the footpath or the line of sight for pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles.
  • Rubbish must be placed on the street verge or near the right of way. If no street verge or right of way, please place the rubbish immediately inside the property line in an accessible position.
  • Separate your wastes i.e. junk, e-wastes, white goods etc.
  • All tree branches/prunings must be trimmed to a maximum length of 1.2 metres (4ft).
  • Place the bundles with the cut ends towards the street.
  • Lawn clippings, cuttings and leaves, etc., must be placed in boxes or bags.
  • Keep the rubbish clear of your sprinkler systems and do not obstruct the footpath or right of way.

Next Bulk Rubbish Collection:  11 August 2014