Advertisement of Local Planning Policy 7 - Improved Local Access to Service Subdivision and Redevelopment

Published on Friday, 5 March 2021 at 2:29:18 PM

Our neighbourhood laneway system provides for local access for residents and provides a recreational opportunity for off-road walking and cycling.  The Shire intends to progress plans to make this system more suitable for modern needs, completing bottlenecks and tidying up places where subdivision might create a greater demand for local access, but without necessarily creating a new system of gazetted roads.  

Council recently adopted a local planning policy LPP 7 and has advertised this for public information and comment prior to its formal adoption. 

Click on the link for copy of the Policy

For further information regarding the Policy and response to submissions so far please click here

Submissions closed on Friday April 9 2021 and are now currently being reviewed.

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