Local Planning Policies – 2020 Review

Published on Friday, 2 October 2020 at 11:25:25 AM

Local Planning Policies apply to guide Council decisions made pursuant to the Local Planning Scheme 4 and referenced to Design Codes in respect to proposals which depart from or vary a Scheme or Code requirement (i.e. requirement for a planning assessment).


  • guide but do not replace or override the Local Planning Scheme 4 standards; and
  • augment rather than replace the Design Codes, and
  • introduce local planning factors not included in general design manuals.

They identify the quality of design outcomes we value for Peppermint Grove and link this to the development approval process.  The review intends to communicate a clear understanding of what is important to the Shire, and how designers and developers can deliver good quality design for our neighbourhood.   Many of the changes are of a minor nature.

At its Meeting on September 22nd the Council received and endorsed the following listed Local Planning Policies to be formally advertised for 21 days’ for public information and comment:-

Any person or organisation wishing to make comment is invited to submit this in writing (post or email) within 21 days’ of the date of this notice. 

Council will then consider any comments, review the LPP and then formally adopt them for use in future planning decisions. 

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