Name the Ducks @ Peppermint Grove

Published on Wednesday, 30 September 2020 at 3:55:46 PM

The Shire of Peppermint Grove will soon be adding 3 life-size brass duck sculptures to the foyer of the council premises.  They are part of our public art additions to the Shire's buildings and parks.   Another sculpture has already been placed at the end of Leake Street at the river for you to discover. The ducks are by sculptor Greg James and are part of his series of Indian runner ducks.


Would you would like to suggest names for the three ducks? Then it’s time to put on your thinking caps. We need names for all three ducks. Be inspired and use your imagination. The ducks can be either boys or girls.


Suggestions should be submitted by Friday, October 30 - please include the proposed names for the three ducks, and the full name, phone number and e-mail address of the entrant.

Your entry can be dropped off at the library or emailed to

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