Shire of Peppermint Grove PepTalk - August 2019

A message from the Shire President 2019/2020 Budget The Financial Health Indicator (FHI) is a measurement of a local government’s overall financial health. An FHI result of 70+ indicates sound financial health. The maximum result achievable is 100. Council adopted the Shire’s 2019/2020 budget at a Special Council Meeting held on 2 July 2019. Total projected revenue for 2019/2020 is $5.37 million of which rates make up $3.31 million. Operating expenditure will be $5.06 million. The budget provides for a rate increase of one percent which the Council considers is in keeping with community expectations for the Shire to be prudent and restrained on rate increases whilst at the same time ensuring that services are maintained and, where possible, enhanced. Key outcomes from the budget for 2019/2020 include the following: Environmental Sustainability Improvements Solar - the budget provides for the installation of a total of 100kw of solar panels to service the library and administration centre. These panels will replace the original 20kw installed when the building was built ten years ago. This will generate up to $40,000 in electricity savings and reduce CO2 emissions by 100,000kg per annum. August 2019 Newsletter A message from the Shire President Freshwater Bay Erosion Control Project Thank you very Mulch! Westcoast Community Centre The Grove Young Writers Creative Writing Competition 2019 Library News - Winter What’s On Shire Traffic Review Pooch Protocols #1 Event room for hire – the Grove Community Centre The Advocare Information Hub Continued inside. Inside this Edition