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Our Garden

Wildflowers and Other Local Native Plants for your Garden

Bring the beauty and variety of plants that grow naturally in the Western Suburbs into your garden. When you choose local native wildflowers, shrubs and trees for your garden you can provide food and shelter for native birds, butterflies and other animals, save water and fertilisers and pesticides. So enjoy planning and watching your garden grow, knowing that it is working with nature.

Download the booklet  Wildflowers and other local native plants for your garden Revised March 2010

Feed Nurture Grow Your Garden

Developed by Earth Carers from the western suburbs, this booklet provides detailed information on how to recycle organic waste at home to provide you with fertile soil for your garden.

Download the  EC Guide – Feed Nurture Grow your garden booklet

Fertilising Your Lawn and Garden

This guide aims to provide easy to understand application rates and recommended fertiliser types for residents living on Western Coastal Plain Soils. Using this information, you will save time and money and help to keep our rivers healthy.

Download the  FertiliseWise- Western Coastal Plain Soils  booklet

Native Plant Subsidy Scheme (NPSS)

In choosing to plant local native species you are making a valuable contribution to enhancing and supporting biodiversity throughout our region. With a generous layer of dieback-free mulch applied to the soil, local native plants require little water, fertiliser or ongoing maintenance once established.

This year the 2017 NPSS will run from the 1st May 2017 to 26 May 2017. Between those dates the Apace nursery will be open to our residents 7.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 9am to noon Saturdays. The nursery is located at 1 Johannah Street, North Fremantle. Residents can obtain up to eighty (80) plants per household at the subsidised price of $1.50 each subject to a ‘first in’ basis. Please take a proof of residence such as a driver’s license or rates notice to APACE nursery to obtain the subsidy.

Being Waterwise

Roughly half of all household water use is outside the home. See the Water Corporation’s website, on how to create Waterwise cottage, tropical, mediterranean and native gardens. Using soil improvement, dieback-free mulch and a installing a drip or sub-surface irrigation system are all great measures to save water. Go to:

Water Conservation And Quality

ICLEI water campaign

The ICLEI Water Campaign is a voluntary freshwater management program that aims to build the capacity of local government to reduce water consumption and improve local water quality through a performance based milestone framework.

The Shire of Peppermint Grove commenced participation in the ICLEI Water Campaign in 2006, focusing on addressing water conservation and water quality in our local government area. The Shire’s ICLEI Water Campaign Action Plan was developed in 2007 with all of the proposed outcomes completed in early 2012. This culminated in the Shire attaining ICLEI Milestone 5 in July 2012 which outlined the achievements that the Shire had made regarding water management over that six year period.

The ICLEI Water Campaign concluded in June 2015 and the Shire of Peppermint Grove discontinued the formal Waterwise accreditation process with the Water Corporation.

The Shire remains committed to reduced water use and improved water quality and we will continue our ongoing work in this area.

Waste And Recycling

What Happens To My Recycling?

Click PeppermintGroveWhathappenstomyRecycling for more information about recycling in Peppermint Grove.

Sustainable Living

Earth Carers

Are you interested in exploring ways to live more sustainably whilst meeting likeminded people in your community? Free Earth Carers courses are held regularly for western suburbs residents giving you the knowledge and skills to confidently live with less waste.

Topics include: The ‘big picture’ of waste management in Perth and your local council,  Demonstrations of reusing organics including worm farming and composting
Ways to encourage others to reduce waste,  Safe ways to recycle or dispose of difficult items like electronic waste, batteries, fluoros and household hazardous waste
Tours of waste management and recycling facilities,  Green cleaning ideas

Upon completing the course you will join the growing Earth Carers community and receive exclusive invites to our popular free workshops, outdoor movie nights, tours and more.

Planning is well underway for our next Earth Carers course in 2017. The course gives participants the opportunity to  learn vital skills which you can use to decrease waste in your home. Earth Carers also have the ability to join in an array of activites being run across the Westen Suburbs.

When: May 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th and 24th
Where: Venue tbc
Register your interest:

Less Is More Festival – 1st April 2017

The date has been set and planning is well underway for the annual Less is More Festival which will kick off in 2017 on the 1stApril. The free family friendly event will be held at the Grove Library , Community Centre and Council Offices and feature an array of workshops and presentations all aimed at bringing the community together for a day of skill-sharing and inspiration. If you would like to get involved in planning the festival please contact Earth Carers. Free events such as this one could not continue without our amazing Earth Carer volunteers.

Make New And Mend!

Is one of your New Year Resolutions to improve your craft or sewing skills? If so check out Make New and Mend – a community group for all ages and genders who come together with their hooks, needles, pins, yarns and recycled textiles.

When: Every Saturday 1.15pm – 3pm
Where: Council Chambers, Shire of Peppermint Grove Offices in The Grove Precinct.
Corner of Leake Street and Stirling Highway, Peppermint Grove
For more information contact Lesley Thomas on 0431 050 831 or