The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is the determining authority for subdivision applications. The Shire in its capacity as a referral authority may request conditions to form part of any amalgamation, restructure of titles or subdivision. Construction of uniform fencing, ceding of land for right-of-way widening, ensuring building setbacks are compliant from new boundaries or removing redundant vehicular crossovers are examples of conditions that the Shire may request. 

The Local Planning Scheme No. 4 states that battleaxe lot subdivision shall not be supported in the Residential Zone.

Clearance of Local Government Subdivision Conditions

The approval of a subdivision application will usually be subject to conditions that are required to be met (or cleared) prior to lodging your plan for final approval to the WAPC and applying for new titles.

New building work (for example, retaining walls greater than 500mm) or demolition that is required as part of a subdivision may also require other approvals before doing any work.

This may include Development Approval, a Building Permit Application or a Demolition Permit. A subdivision clearance application should only be lodged once all work has been completed to meet the conditions of subdivision approval. Local Government fees apply should a secondary inspection be required to clear local government conditions.

Application requirements

You are required to lodge an application for clearance from the Shire for the conditions noted as ‘Local Government’ on your subdivision approval.

The application shall include:

• Completed 'Subdivision Clearance Application Form' including all relevant information demonstrating how each condition has been met.

• 1x physical and 1x digital copy of the Deposited Plan/Survey Strata Plan.

• Payment of the applicable Clearance application fee.

Approval process

Once lodged and receipted, the application will be acknowledged by a letter/email to the applicant. The WAPC will be informed in writing as to which local government condition(s) have been cleared.

More information

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website is the best resource for information on subdivision forms, fees guides and general information.

Subdivision Fees and Forms

If you have any questions regarding subdivision including clearing local government conditions or please call Development Services on (08) 9286 8600.