Local Heritage Conservation Grants Scheme Guidelines

A conservation grant is available to support applicants to undertake repairs and maintenance work which will conserve the heritage value of their heritage listed properties.  Applicants will need to demonstrate their projects will preserve the heritage fabric of the building and contribute to the streetscape of the Shire to be eligible for the Scheme.  Eligible properties must be privately owned and on the Local Planning Scheme 4 heritage list.

Heritage properties should, as viewed from the street, enhance the streetscape and character of
Peppermint Grove. Applicants may seek a grant, if the conservation works undertaken are for the
part of the building in the public view and will support and conserve the heritage value of the
property and (where the nature of the work makes this a requirement) have received Shire Planning and Building Approval.

Application for grant funding must be submitted and approved by the Shire in advance of any works and should be accurately estimated on the basis of written quotes from builders or heritage related tradespersons.

Once works subject to the grant application have been completed and a full set of documented costs provided to the Shire for acquittal the approved grant may be disbursed. Where a Building Permit was required, this is to be done at the time of BA7 lodgment, otherwise documentation is due upon completion of all works.

A grant is available for amounts up to $6,500 on a dollar- for- dollar matching basis, per grant application per property, and is subject to Shire funding constraints. Funding will be based upon a ‘first in’ basis until the budgeted allocation for grant funding is exhausted.

For significant ‘staged’ projects consideration may be given to more than one grant application on
a case-by-case basis. Development applications are encouraged to include a staging plan and disclosure of any intention to lodge more than one grant application.

The CEO of the Shire of Peppermint Grove, will administer the Grants Scheme and report to the Council as required.

There is no guarantee that applications that meet the eligibility criteria will receive a grant, as it is subject to the relative merit of each application, and budget availability.


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Heritage Grants Scheme GuidelinesMay 24, 2023