Shire of Peppermint Grove - Local Laws

The Shire has adopted local laws which cover the following matters to ensure there is clarity, fairness and consistency as to how activities occur and are conducted throughout the Shire.

The local laws operate under the Local Government Act 1960 and complement other administration governance such as the Planning Scheme and Building and Health Regulations. 


Title of Local Law



Property Local Law 2001

Tenure and use of public land (includes fines and penalties)


Repeal local law 2000

Repealed several defunct laws


Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places local law 2001

Activities, conduct, trading and Permit process (includes Schedule of Offences and Penalties)


Dog Act 2001

Keeping and conduct of dogs


Fencing local law 2001

Fencing rules and approval process


Emission or Reflection of Light local law 2000

Control of activities which result in lighting spill or reflection.


Parking and Parking Facilities local law 1995

Parking and use of public land for vehicles


These laws apply throughout the Shire and where the Shire becomes aware of a breach of local law it may undertake necessary and appropriate enforcement action as provided by each law, and with penalties as provided and described in local laws. 

Fees and Charges may be charged in association with the application and granting of Permits or Licences.  These are set each Financial Year by the Shire.

The Shire Ranger services are able to receive reports and will investigate any complaints with regard to Local Laws. Reports are to be submitted in writing and to assist with investigation must be endorsed by contact details including the author and a contact telephone number.