Waste Management

Waste, recycling and garden organic bin collection dates in the Shire for 2024 can be viewed in the link below:

Waste Calendar 2023-24

Waste calendar 2023/24

Three Bin Rollout.

Shire of Peppermint Grove will be implementing a three-bin system for waste collection in 2020. 

  • General waste-one 240 litre red lidded bin will be emptied weekly.
  • Recycling- one 240 litre yellow lidded bin, emptied fortnightly. 
  • Garden organics- one 240 litre lime green lidded bin, emptied fortnightly. 

The three-bin system will reduce waste to landfill by introducing a separate garden organics collection. 

Garden prunings and clippings are collected in your garden organics bin and will be taken to the West Metro Recycling Centre where they are stockpiled and collected to be processed into mulch and compost. This mulch is free of charge to Peppermint Grove residents. 

Waste advice is just a phone call away - call the WMRC Recycling Hotline 9384 6711.  

For further waste wise tips and workshops, visit WMRC Waste Watchers.

Generic Waste and Sustainability Publications

Should you wish to request any changes to your current bin services, please access the form by the link below, and return to the Shire at admin@peppermintgrove.wa.gov.au

Bin Services Request Form

Recycling Matters!

What can I recycle?

In WA our recycling centres are willing and able to take your recyclables. Not sure what goes into your yellow-lidded kerbside recycling bin? View the Recycling Matters Fact Sheet and find out what can and can’t go into your kerbside recycling bin. If in doubt, put it in your general waste bin (red or dark green lid)

Unsure of how to dispose of a specific item? Call the WMRC Hotline on 9384 6711.

WMRC Waste Watchers

The WMRC Waste Watchers Program is a collection of workshops and upskilling events designed to give you the skills to live a low-waste, sustainable life.

Learn how to minimise your waste through:

  • short, engaging workshops
  • resource recovery facility tours
  • Q &A sessions with experts in waste management
  • Connecting with like-minded members in your local community
  • Follow-up and support to help you achieve your local community

To find out more or register for an upcoming workshop, visit the WMRC Waste Watchers page. 

Introduction of garden organics (GO) bins

The Shire of Peppermint Grove is introducing a new 240 litre lime green lidded garden organics (GO) bin to its household waste and recycling collection service. The GO bins will be delivered to properties 300 sqm or larger. Strata and commercial properties will be assessed on a case by case basis.

In addition, all Peppermint Grove residences will have their old dark green lidded-general waste bin replaced with a new red-lidded (240 litre) general waste bin.

These changes will commence on March 25th 2020.

In summary these changes to collection services will mean;

  • General waste-one 240 litre red lidded bin will be emptied weekly.
  • Recycling- one 240 litre yellow lidded bin, emptied fortnightly.
  • Garden organics- one 240 litre lime green lidded bin, emptied fortnightly.

These changes will divert green waste from landfill and make more mulch to protect gardens and reduce water use. 

Garden prunings and clippings collected in your garden organics bin will be taken to the West Metro Recycling Centre where they are stockpiled and collected to be processed into mulch and compost. This mulch is free of charge to Peppermint Grove residents.

More information:

Letter to Residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Bin Collection Calendar 

How to sort your waste.

Still have questions?

Please call the Western Metropolitan Regional Council’s Recycling Hotline on 9384 6711.

For further waste wise tips and workshops, visit WMRC Waste Watchers.