Rights of Way

The Rights of Way within the Shire are owned and managed by different organisations.

  1. The Right of Way situated north of Forrest Street and west of View Street is in part owned by the Presbyterian Ladies College and part by the Catholic Church. The owners have maintenance responsibilities and adjoining residents have right of carriageway over the land.
  2. The Right of Way east of Butler Way and joining Johnston Street is owned and managed by St Hilda’s Anglican School For Girls Inc. Adjacent residents have right of carriageway and the owners have maintenance responsibilities.
  3. The remaining Right of Way system within the Shire is a combination of land owned by the Shire and land ceded to the Crown as public right of way but managed by the Shire. The residents have right of carriageway over the land but the Shire does have authority to lease the portion of ceded land to adjacent residents.

Application needs to be made to the Shire if land owners wish to lease any of the ceded land adjacent to their property.

Persons wishing to carry on any activity in the Right of Way must seek Council approval.

Road And Right Of Way Public Infrastructure

The Shire is responsible for the provision and maintenance of public infrastructure on
roads and rights of way, namely:

  • Road surface
  • Road drains
  • Kerbs
  • Footpaths
  • Signage for street names, parking information, and directional signs
  • Permanent barriers

Reporting Of Damage To Infrastructure

Members of the public are encouraged to report damage to public infrastructure to the Shire.

Graffiti and malicious damage are photographed and reported direct to the Police Department on line from the Shire office in the hope that prosecution and restitution for costs may occur.

It is also important for the Shire to be notified so that repairs or replacement can be affected quickly to maintain the level of service delivery.

Contact for the Shire office is 9286 8600.