The Shire is responsible for managing the activities of those who intend to build, alter or demolish on private and public land.

The Shire of Peppermint Grove Local Planning Scheme No.4 sets out the requirements (standards, permissions and procedures) for land use and development.


A Development Application is required unless otherwise specifically exempted for proposals involving the use and development of land.

A Development Application may also be required to be submitted separately under the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) for properties within or abutting Regional Reservations such as the Stirling Highway.  This application is made directly to the Shire of Peppermint Grove and determined by the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage.  In such cases a proposal will require two Approvals (one for the MRS and one for the Local Planning Scheme). The process is usually parallel to save time.

The Town Planning Scheme describes the zoning of land within the Shire and specifies where particular land uses are permitted. It also sets out development standards for the development and use of land.

The Council has adopted a range of local planning policies relating to urban planning matters, to provide a consistent approach to the way in which certain types of planning applications and forms of development will be assessed and determined by the Shire. These policies deal with a range of matters including building setback and height, plot ratio, fencing and landscaping standards, heritage conservation, construction management plans and development bonds.

The Residential Design Codes of Western Australia are commonly called the (R-Codes) and provide a comprehensive basis for local governments to control residential development. The R-Codes are varied by the Local Planning Scheme and local planning policy. To capture the nuances of the local planning policy framework an Information Sheet - Residential Development has been prepared.


Where it is proposed to construct (build, alter or demolish) subject to clear dimensioned and engineered drawings (building plans) the Shire receives and considers an application for Building Permit approval.  Simple and minor works are usually able to be certified by a registered Building Surveyor (certified as deemed to comply = CDC) and more involved plans may require the Shire to engage an independent Surveyor to assess and certify compliance of plans with building and design codes. 


CERTIFICATION – Note it is necessary for the certification of projects that have been granted planning approval that they also confirm all plans and specifications as consistent with the Approved Plans and Conditions of that Approval.