Designing our Future Cottesloe Activity Centre

The boundary between The Shire of Peppermint Grove and the Town of Cottesloe runs along Stirling Highway and through the middle of the Cottesloe Activity Centre. 

The Shire has joined with the Town to undertake research into future planning and design to keep the ‘Cott Village’ socially and economically viable – or in other words to be a centre which is interesting, vital and relevant to the needs of local people and visitors.  

A study commenced in September to research the centre.  It examined the economic, social and environmental aspects of the Cott Village.  Focus Workshops were organised and a random selection of local businesses and residents discussed aesthetic and land uses preferences for the centre of the future.  This event was facilitated by Curtin University.

An on-line questionnaire was also organised to gather similar information – the Cottesloe Primary School assisted to distribute this survey through its students and their families and friends.

Consultants were engaged to research and report about the Access and Movement, Economic and Business Sustainability of Cott Village, and some surveys were done using drone overflight and radar techniques provided context for any future planning and design. 

The results of this initial work are now available for public examination and we will invite comments with further community discussion planned to occur later this year.  The research work has a technical content however it has been written to give insights into the Cottesloe centre and how it operates and what it currently has to offer.   

There is a clear indication as to the key issues to be addressed through future planning and design. The Shire of Peppermint Grove hopes this information may prompt you to consider how a Cottesloe Village centre of the future might look and feel, and how it might operate?

The Town of Cottesloe has gone further to prepare and adopt a draft Precinct Plan as a policy guide for the portion of the centre that is located within the Town of Cottesloe.  The Town has sought public comment on this draft.

The Shire of Peppermint Grove is undertaking a more considered approach before committing to a spatial plan,  and we intend to consult more broadly with business and residents, to inform them of the research and findings and seeking feedback on this work before a plan is prepared. 

The draft Precinct Plan adopted by the Town may, however, help residents to see an example of what might be the outcome of this project in terms of the strategic sites and possible controls. 

Over the next year, the Shire will complete the technical research and undertake modelling of growth options to identify the relative merits of future planning and design.

That portion of the Village located within the Shire will be our prime focus, however, we share access to the railway and highway with the Town and residents regularly move around and cross into the village as part of their everyday life. 

We want to continue to work with the Town to make a spatial plan for the entire Centre: one which takes account of informed and interested community feedback and the technical research.  We will be making a program for this to occur with opportunity for public participation advised in March.

The following links will take you to the Research Reports: