Zoning Enquiries

Zoning information can be obtained from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website using the PlanWA map viewer.

The PlanWA interactive viewer links to the latest spatial planning, land and heritage information for any land parcel within the State. It can be used by local government, industry and the community to inform decisions and help understand how the land is used and what future development may be able to occur in an area.

PlanWA allows users to:

  • search planning, land and heritage information on places of interest
  • enquire about planning, land and heritage information for specific land parcels
  • access policies and information in regards to planning, land and heritage
  • tailor maps for personal use
  • share viewing details via email and social media
  • connect to other map sources such as aerial imagery and Google Street View.

PlanWA also links to a range of planning, land and heritage policies and programs.

The PlanWA page contains further information and a detailed instructional video on how to use it.

Plan WA map viewer

For further information on your zoning, please forward an email to admin@peppermintgrove.wa.gov.au giving the details of the property. Please note that the provision of written planning advice may attract an administrative fee.