Local Planning Scheme & Local Planning Strategy

The Shire's Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (Scheme) was gazetted on 3 March 2017. 

The purpose of the Scheme is to:

(a) set out the local government’s planning aims and intentions for the Scheme area; and set aside land as reserves for public purposes; and

(b) zone land within the Scheme area for the purposes defined in the Scheme; and

(c) control and guide development including processes for the preparation of structure plans, activity centre plans and local development plans; and set out procedures for the assessment and determination of development applications; and

(e) set out procedures for contributions to be made for the costs of providing infrastructure in connection with development through development contribution plans; and

(f) make provision for the administration and enforcement of this Scheme; and

(g) address other matters referred to in Schedule 7 of the Act.

Scheme Amendments

  • Local Planning Scheme - Amendment No 1 (Scheme Map amendment - Portion of Lot 90 from R25 to R10: Lot 91 Keane Street from R10 and R25 to Local Road Reserve. Adopted.
  • Local Planning Scheme - Amendment No 2 (Scheme Map amendment - Lot 24 & Lot 26 (No.12) Johnston Street, Peppermint Grove from R15 to R40. Pending referral to the EPA and community consultation.

Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme review

The Shire's Local Planning Strategy (Strategy) was gazetted on 22 March 2016. The Strategy is due for review in 2023 and will be informed by community consultation and the Cottesloe Activity Centre Local Structure Plan project.

Preparation of a new Strategy will likely inform a future Omnibus Scheme Amendment that itself will be informed by community consultation. 

Link to current Scheme and Strategy