Swimming Pools

Swimming pools and spas require a Building Permit prior to works commencing. State Government statutes require The Shire to undertake at least one inspection within a four year period of all private swimming pools and spas in its area to ensure that suitable barriers are in place to restrict access by young children (aged 0 -5 years) and protect against immersion incidents.

Swimming pools installed prior to 1992 are required to have more stringent safety barriers by December 2006 or if the premises is sold, within three months from the date of that sale.

Please contact the Manager for Developement to book an inspection or seek advice.

A note on inflatable pools

Inflatable pools require a Building Permit and safety barrier if they are capable of being filled to a depth greater than 300mm. It is always important to supervise “young children” when near water.

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Regulations on Swimming Pools

Keeping your Swimming Pool & Spa Healthy