Local Policies

The Shire has adopted local policies which cover the circumstances where the Shire may exercise its judgement in discretion related to design and scheme provision.

In matters where an Applicant is seeking to depart from compliant design, the policies provide guidance as to the parameters within which there may be relaxation or variation permitted – but always subject to demonstration of benefit to the Shire and others possible from the requested relaxation. 

Unless otherwise stated these policies apply throughout the Shire.

No.Title of Local PolicyScope
1 Urban Design and Streetscape Policy Design considerations which will effect and impact upon the streetscape character and amenity of the Shire and its valued residential streets.
2 Carports, garages and minor Structures in the Street Setback Area Circumstances whereby the Council may permit the building of structures within the street setback without incurring an adverse impact on the value of the streetscape.
3 Heritage Places Describes the importance of respecting and protecting heritage elements when making development decisions.
4 Residential Building Heights Circumstances where the Shire may depart from R Codes (category B) to permit increased building heights.
6 Neighbourhood Consultation on Development In requests for exercise of R Code design compliance discretion this policy identifies where affected neighbours may be consulted.
  • New policies may be adopted, or existing policies revised, deleted or replaced

These policies are adopted by the Council and therefore apply to all development matters where the Council will be exercising its judgement to consider alternatives to Scheme or R Codes design specification.

Check sheets are to accompany all Planning Applications and these should detail those areas where the Applicant is seeking variation from the design codes and to refer to the Policy area which supports this variation to design codes.