Local Planning Policies

The Shire has adopted local policies some of which vary the deemed-to-comply requirements contained in the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia (R-Codes). The local planning policies provide guidance on the circumstances where the Shire may exercise its judgement in discretion related to design and local planning scheme provisions.

In matters where an Applicant is seeking to depart from compliant design, the policies provide guidance as to the parameters within which there may be relaxation or variation permitted – but always subject to demonstration of benefit to the Shire and others possible from the requested relaxation.

Unless otherwise stated these policies apply throughout the Shire.

To capture the nuances of the Shire’s local planning policy framework as it relates the residential development, an Information Sheet has been prepared. The Information Sheet – Residential Development is a good starting point when residential development is contemplated, or for consultants seeking clarification on how the Shire’s planning officers are interpreting local planning policy. The Information Sheet should be read in conjunction with the local planning policies.

Information Sheet - Residential Development

No. Title of Local Policy Scope
1 Design and Streetscape Design considerations which will affect and impact upon the streetscape character and amenity of the Shire and its valued residential streets.
2 Ecological Urban Design and Sustainability Circumstances whereby the Council may permit the building of structures within the street setback without incurring an adverse impact on the value of the streetscape.
3 Planning for Heritage Conservation Describes the importance of respecting and protecting heritage elements when making development decisions.
4 Residential Building Heights Circumstances where the Shire may depart from R Codes (category B) to permit increased building heights.
5 Plot Ratio and Coverage of Site - R10, R12.5, R15 and R20 Describes the intent of plot ratio to control bulk and scale and contribute to the garden suburb characteristics of the Shire, as well as outlining the methodology of calculating Plot Ratio as prescribed in Local Planning Scheme no. 4.


(Draft) Consultation on Development This draft policy seeks to respond to the State Government's planning reforms, and to recognise that alternative means of notification may be appropriate. Guidance is provided on the minimum consultation requirements and proponent obligations including the erection of signage and publication of public notices.
6 Neighbour Consultation on Development This policy identifies the circumstances in which formal advertising and/or courtesy notifications to affected parties is required for building applications and development applications.
8 (Draft) Construction Environmental Management Plans To ensure the effective management of excavation, demolition work and building work within the Shire of Peppermint Grove.
8 Construction Management Plans To ensure the effective management of excavation, demolition work and building work within the Shire of Peppermint Grove.
9 Development Bonds To allow the Shire to undertake clean up and reinstatement works immediately, and to ensure that the cost of doing so is not a financial burden of the ratepayers of the Shire.
10 Design Review Panels To provide Council with high level, independent expert advice and expertise on urban design, architecture, landscape design, sustainability and heritage in relation to significant development applications.
11 Building on Side and Rear Boundaries To ensure that regular spacing or street rhythm is maintained, and development along rear boundaries is in line with the potential widening of the R.O.W.
12 Residential Fences To provide design guidelines for all residential fencing including street walls and fences, fencing to a right-of-way or communal street, dividing fences, and game court fencing that varies controls under the Shire's Fencing Local Law. 

These policies are adopted by the Council and apply to all development matters where the Council will be exercising its judgement to consider variations to Scheme provisions, or to the deemed-to-comply requirements contained in the R-Codes. Local Planning policies are routinely reviewed and updated in response to changes in the planning policy framework and in response to development trends.