Vehicular Crossovers

The general requirements and technical specifications for vehicle crossovers are prescribed by a combination of Shire policy, local law, Australian Standards AS2890.1 Off-street car parking and the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia (R-Codes).

Proposals for new or amended vehicular crossovers are generally documented and assessed as part of a Development Application or a Building Permit Application. Vehicular crossovers that comply with the deemed-to-comply requirements of the R-Codes can be proposed or amended with a standalone application.

1. Specification

1.1 Standard Crossing – Concrete

A standard crossing is 2.75 metres in width at the building line and must be constructed of cast in situ ready mixed concrete in accordance with the appended sketch plan and outline specification.

1.2 Alternative Crossing – Bitumen

When council considers that the circumstances warrant, it may approve a crossing to the standard dimensions provided in the appended sketch plan to be constructed with a base course of 125mm minimum depth compacted road base surface with a 20mm minimum depth of bituminous concrete.

1.3 Alternative Crossing – Brick or Block Paving

Council may permit brick or block paving or crossing places provided that:

(a) The bricks or paving blocks or slabs shall be solid clay or concrete of a minimum depth of 60mm laid on an evenly graded, compacted base with all edges laid in a header pattern and retained in a mortar.

(b) Cast in situ concrete shall be used to connect to the street for a minimum distance of 900mm towards the building line as shown on the appended sketch plan of the standard concrete crossing place.

(c) Unless Council approves an alternative material, cast in situ concrete shall be used for any footpath intersecting the crossing place.

2. Shire Contribution Construction of the First Crossing Place

The Shire shall bear one half of the cost of a standard crossing, as estimated by the Council, for those crossing places constructed as the first crossing to the abutting land. In respect of the alternatives specified in Clause 1 hereof the Council’s share of the cost will be one half of the cost as estimated by the Council of a standard crossing – concrete as detailed in paragraph 1.1 of that Clause.

3. Second Crossing Places – Over Width Crossing Places – Repairs and   Resurfacing Costs

The Shire will not contribute towards the cost of second crossing places, the cost of any area resulting from an increase to the standard width of 2.75 metres as specified or for repairs, resurfacing and reconstruction.


Crossover Application and Specifications 2012