Street Trees

Street Trees ImageThe Shire maintains a comprehensive electronic database of all trees on road reserves, parks
and in public spaces. All Shire managed trees are inspected on a regular basis by a qualified arboricultural consultant with the data then entered into a specialised tree management software program. Information gathered on each tree includes details on species, health and condition, a QTRA Risk Assessment, a photographic record, plus a list of recommended works which is placed in a priority rating to assist with forward planning.

Existing street trees must be shown on a feature survey/site plan submitted with a Demolition Permit Application, Development Application, or a Building Permit Application.

Council’s standard street tree is the Peppermint Tree (Agonis Flexuosa) and the Shire is responsible for the entire stock of street trees.

Application must be made to the Shire for trimming, removal or replacement of any trees and provide justification. All costs associated with removing, relocating or replacing street trees are to be borne by the proponent. 

Document Centre - Public Tree Strategy

Street Verges

The Shire encourages residents to establish and maintain lawns on street verges.

Couch, Buffalo, Dichondra or Lippia are the approved permissible verge treatments. Tree pruning undertaken by the Shire staff at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer will allow sufficient sunlight to support the growth of these grasses.

Vegetation other than Peppermint Trees and approved grasses, are not permitted. Verges are already developed with other plants and grasses, shall be allowed to remain, but their continuance may be terminated by Council.

The Shire's Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law specifies the permissible verge treatments, general prohibitions and activities allowed with a permit within a verge.