Building Permits

Under State legislation a Building Permit is required before the commencement of most building work. The builder, architect/draftsperson or owner submits the application for a Building Permit. All applications for new buildings, alterations/additions, demolitions and outbuildings must initially be granted development approval in accordance with the provisions of the Shire of Peppermint Grove Town Planning Scheme No 3.

A Building Permit is required for any building work involving the development of new structures, alterations/extensions, refurbishments, and changes in ground levels. These structures include:

Should the total value of work exceed $20,000 a permit is issued to a registered builder, or in some circumstances, an owner builder.

Owner Builder Application and Information

The Building Permit issued for the particular work is void after 12 months from date of issue if the work has not commenced within this time frame.

Requirements For Lodging a Building Permit

All applications for the above projects must initially be granted development approval in accordance with the provisions of the Shire of Peppermint Grove Town Planning Scheme No 3.

Please refer to Requirements for Town Planning Application for obtaining development approval if Council approval has not already been granted.

All building permit applications require the following information to be submitted:

  1. Three (3) required sets of plans with:
    • at least one set of A3 plans, or
    • an electronic copy of the submitted plans.
  2. Two copies of specifications.
  3. Engineers Structural Certification. This is an original signed certification/documentation from a practicing Structural Engineer to be submitted for your proposed building work if it is:
    • two storeys
    • a shed/carport/garage that is more than 6m wide
    • a retaining wall equal to or greater than 1.0m in height OR
    • a commercial/industrial building.
  4. Submission of development plans to WA Water Corporation.
  5. Appropriate fees under the provisions of the Building Regulations 2012, for the Building Permit Application are to be paid at the time of submitting the application.  Scale of fees are given on the Application Form.
  6. Energy Efficiency Assessment for all new dwellings and additions
    Energy Efficiency measures introduced in July 2003 made it a requirement for all new dwellings and additions to have measures taken to make the use of heating and cooling the dwellings more effective by:
    • installation of insulation in the roof space
    • having the “R” (insulation) rating of walls meet a predetermined level
    • providing breeze paths for ventilation.

    Each year, as the Building Code is upgraded, the Energy Efficiency measures will become more important.

Guide to lodging Building Permit Applications

All Building and Demolition Permit Application Forms

Please refer to the Building Commision website for more information.

Copies Of Building Plans

An owner is generally entitled to view or request copies of the Shire’s Building Records.
The owner can be:

  1. the person shown on the database as being the owner
  2. a person who is authorized in writing by the owner.

Photocopying of plans may not necessarily be done on the spot. A decision will be made at the time of viewing.

Building Guidelines Brochures

The following building information brochures and websites can ssist you with your building projects:

Asbestos Building Information

Asbestos Disposal Instructions

Energy Efficiency Provisions

Owners Builder Licence Application

Home Fire Safety Advice

Residential Design Codes

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