A dividing fence is defined as a fence situated on or about the boundary separating two lots. The Shire defines a “sufficient fence” for the purposes of the Dividing Fences Act by detailing the following:

  • Fencing materials
  • Heights of fences

In residential and commercial lots, the Shire has no jurisdiction on the Dividing Fences Act.

The State Government Department of Housing & Works provides advice for fencing under the Dividing Fences Act, primarily relating to the cost, contributions and seeking agreement about type, height, design and location of fencing and to choose the contractor to erect the fence.

For further information contact the Department of Housing & Works on 9222 4666 or toll free 1800 093 325 or web address http://www.dhw.wa.gov.au

Submission Of Forms

  1. A completed Application for Approval to Erect a Fence signed by the landowner or a party acting with written authority from the landowner.
  2. The relevant Fencing Application Fee of $100.00.
  3. Three (3) copies of plans and specifications no larger than A3 are to be submitted with the application – block plan, elevation plans and section plan showing height of fence above ground level.
  4. Front fences: The Shire’s local laws relating to fencing require front fences to be open aspect unless authorised by Council.
    Dividing fences: The dividing fence act requires the written agreement from adjoining land owners is required at the time of submitting your application.
  5. A Building Permit Application with appropriate fees and structural drawings of the fence.

Relevant Forms And Documents

Fencing Application Form

Building Permit