Strategic Community Plan Review (Closed)

The Shire is currently reviewing its Strategic Community Plan (SCP) and needs your views to help plan the services we provide.

The Shire’s SCP sets out the vision, aspirations and priorities for the area over the next 10 years. 

The SCP is the framework that guides everything we do at the Shire and ensures decision making is in line with community expectations. The Shire of Peppermint Grove’s Annual Reports provide information regarding the Shire’s progress in relation to the SCP priorities.

You are invited to fill out the following surveys to help us plan for our community. What you tell us will assist us develop the Shire’s reviewed Strategic Community Plan 2021 -  2031.

Complete the surveys:

Strategic Community Plan

Peppermint Grove and Cottesloe Village Precinct Plan (The Village)

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