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Recycle- & Bin Collection Calendar 2018

The mobile garbage bin (MGB) system has proved over many years to be the most efficient and effective method of waste collection and its extension into recycling is a logical and practical extension of this technology.

The MGB based co-mingled recycling service was selected because it offered convenient and effective storage of recyclable materials in a collection format familiar to residents.

Your bin is collected every second Wednesday and must be placed 0.5m from the verge by 7am. If you have a second bin please place 1 metre apart.

All recyclables are simply placed in the recycling bin.

Recyclables Accepted 1Recyclables Accepted 2

Recyclables Accepted

What NOT to put in your recycling bin –

  • No ceramics, window glass, light globes, mirros or broken glass
  • No garden waste of any sort
  • No household garbage, food scraps or food wrappings
  • No batteries
  • No scrap metalrecycle logo
  • No unwanted paint or paint tins
  • No clothing or leather
  • No oil, acid or chemicals
  • No liquid of any kind
  • No building rubble
  • No animal waste or kitty litter

Other Recycling Services

There are a range of recycling drop-off points for items which are recyclable, but cannot go into your kerbside recycling bin.

  • Battery recycling bins – closest location: Grove Library
  • Recycling stations (batteries, fluorescent globes & tubes, mobile phones, printer cartridges) – closest location: Bunnings Cottesloe
  • JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility – accepts a wide range of recyclables, including electronic waste, scrap metal, cardboard and more, click here for full list.

What happens to my recycling?

Recycling Table

For more information on recycling please view What happens to my Recycling.