Stirling Highway Widening

Stirling Highway was reserved as a primary Regional Road (with a reservation width up to eighty metres) in the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) in 1963. Various studies have been undertaken in that time have sought to determine the ultimate reservation width.

The Department of Planning undertook the Stirling Highway Access Corridor Study (SHACS) and consulted widely during 2012. An MRS amendment (1210/41) was adopted in 2017 to finalise in detail the Stirling Highway road reservation.

If you are considering a development proposal that involves land adjacent to Stirling Highway which may be affected by this MRS amendment you would be well advised to contact the Department of Planning to clarify the situation of the land involved.

Contact phone number 6551 8002. Details on the road reservation widths and the impact on individual properties is available at the following WAPC web address:

MRS 1210/41 Stirling Highway Amendment Report (