The Shire has four areas of land to meet the community’s need for public open space.

Permits may be given to have areas of these parklands set aside for exclusive functions. Fees are charged for use of the constructed facilities and for the use of power.

Reserves Booking – must be completed for all casual use of the Shire’s reserves.


Manners Hill Park

Bounded by Johnston Street, Bay View Terrace, Keane Street and Lilla Street.

Features include:

  • Large grass land area with shade trees.
  • Dog Exercise Area
  • Open sided pavilion with power
  • Public toilets
  • Peppermint Grove Tennis Club

Please note:

Manners Hill Park Reserve and Pavilion is unavailable for hire Monday to Friday before 3.30 pm.

The pavilion can be hired for daytime functions only up until 6.00pm (winter months) and 7.00pm (summer months). No amplification of music or speeches is allowed under any circumstances

Although the pavilion is not available for night time functions, the park and pavilion are still accessible to the public at all times of the day and when there are no bookings.

Bookings must be in writing using the application form above which can be submitted by fax, email or through the post stating the following information:

  • Type, day and date of the function.
  • Person’s contact details submitting request.
  • Approximately number of guests.
  • Whether alcohol will be consumed.
  • Whether you wish to erect any other structures (eg. marquees).
  • Whether any other forms of lighting are to be used.
  • Whether any other children’s entertainment activities to occur.
  • If alcohol is to be sold a Liquor Licence must be obtained from the Liquor Licensing Department.
  • Cost of hiring the pavilion is $385 plus a bond of $500 per booking. If access to electricity is required a fee of $55.00 is payable.

Any structures, forms of lighting and consumption of alcohol must have approval from the Chief Executive Officer.

Keane's Point

Keane’s Point is on the corner of Johnston Street and Lilla Street. Its features include:

  • Public toilets
  • Refreshment kiosk
  • Children’s playground
  • Shade Trees
  • Barbeques
  • Picnic Table

Foreshore Reserve

Located on The Esplanade and comprises of two parts:foreshore reserve

  • Freshwater Bay beach for swimming with grassed parklands with shaded trees and public toilet facilities.
  • Natural Bushland Area (north of Leake Street alignment) with walking paths, picnic areas and a dog exercise area.

Corner of Leake Street And Stirling Highway

  • Passive recreation ground.
  • Bench seating shade trees.

Permit Conditions

The following conditions govern the use of these reserves under permit:

(A) No person shall on any Reserve, Recreation Ground or other land vested, acquired by or placed under the control of the Shire of  Peppermint Grove, do any of the following acts, viz.:

  1. Discharge or explode any firearm of firework, ring any bell, or use any gramophone, radio, megaphone, amplifier or other mechanical or article device or thing for the purpose of making or reproducing or amplifying any noise whatsoever.
  2. Damage or injure any tree, shrub, plant, lawn, garden, building erection or other improvements whatsoever.
  3. Behave in a riotous or disorderly manner or create any disturbance whatsoever.

(B) No persons shall on any Reserve, Recreation Ground or other land, without the previous written permission of the Council do any of the following acts, viz.:

  1. Bring or have thereon any horse, cattle, bicycle, or vehicle whatsoever.
  2. Camp or light any fire.
  3. Sell or offer to expose for sale any food, drink, wares, goods or merchandise whatsoever.
  4. Conduct or be concerned in the conduct of any meeting or organised gathering.
  5. Practice or play or take part in or conduct or be concerned in the conduct of gymnastics or any game or sport, provided that this restriction shall not apply to children playing games other than ball games.

Responsibilities of permit holder:

2.16 A holder of a permit shall in respect of local government property to which the permit relates:

  1. ensure that an authorised person has unobstructed access to the local government property for the purpose of inspecting the property or enforcing any provision of this local law
  2. leave the local government property in a clean and tidy condition after its use
  3. report any damage or defacement of the local government property to the local government and
  4. prevent the consumption of any liquor on the local government property unless the permit allows it or a licence has been obtained under the Liquor Licensing Act 1988 for that purpose.

Any person committing a breach of the provisions of Part 5 – Local Government Property Local Law may, without prejudice to any other penalty, which may be incurred, be removed by any Police Officer or Officer of the Shire from the land on which such breach has been committed.

Failure to comply with the conditions of a permit is $100.00.