Draft Local Planning Policy 12 – Residential Fences

Published on Wednesday, 13 September 2023 at 10:00:00 AM

Draft Local Planning Policy 12 – Residential Fences

The Shire of Peppermint Grove hereby gives notice that Council, at its Ordinary Council Meeting held on 22 August 2023, resolved to advertise Draft Local Planning Policy 5 – Residential Fences (Draft Policy).

The Draft Policy seeks to provide clear direction and explanation as to the justification and basis for Council preferences in design and planning for all residential fencing and augment the Shire’s Fencing Local Law 2021. The Draft Policy has been broadened in its scope to provide additional guidance on fencing to communal streets and rights-of-way, and for dividing fences and tennis court fencing, in addition to gates in boundary walls and fences.

The Draft Policy can be viewed at the Shire’s Administration Offices located at 1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove, or at www.peppermintgrove.wa.gov.au

To obtain further information, please contact the Shire on 9286 8600 or email at admin@peppermintgrove.wa.gov.au 

Submissions close on Sunday 24 September 2023.


Don Burnett

Chief Executive Officer


1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove

PO Box 221 COTTESLOE WA 6911

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